Message from the Founder of Kalabash Aid

How do we address the concerns of various scholars who have reported on the opportunities and challenges of the MDGs? Scholars such as Paul Coullier, Dambisa Moyo, Jeffrey Sachs, Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson who expressed their evidence based opinion on International Aid and its effectiveness for the developing world. The Kenyan author Dambisa Moyo is convinced that Aid does not benefit the intended beneficiaries and Paul Coullier appeals to the International Donor Community that Aid can benefit the intended beneficiaries if it is delivered in the form of a Marshall Plan. Jeffrey Sachs argued that Aid is the only way to end poverty in the developing world whilst Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson concluded that without the fundamentals for good governance, Nations will continue to fail no matter the amount of Aid support.

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Message from the Founder of Kalabash Aid

I am a development practitioner and my career ambition is to be remembered for my passionate contribution to develop Africa. After a critical impact-based analysis of the scholarly debate around the subject of International Aid and its contribution to end poverty for the developing world, I am encouraged to conclude that International Aid money can significantly contribute to end poverty when Aid Organizations and their Staff ensure that 85% of Aid gets to the intended beneficiaries.

I am convinced that Aid can imprison and sentence poverty to death if it is well spent. To proof my conviction that Aid money works for the poor, I founded Kalabash Aid as a National Ghanaian NGO with the mandate to receive Aid money and apply it on projects that benefit beneficiaries. Over the past years of active work, I can testify that when 85% of Aid money is spent on the target beneficiaries, the time frame to achieve “The Future We Want” could be shorter. I encourage your organization to partner with Kalabash Aid to ensure 85% of your donation gets to the target beneficiaries across Africa to develop poor and marginalized Africans.

(Justin Abavere ADONADAGA, Founder and Managing Director of Kalabash Aid) 

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Water for Rural and Transition Settlements in Ghana

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Kalabash Aid is established primarily to support the Government of Ghana to develop and sustainably manage water supply for Rural and Transition Settlements. The NGO rely on National and International Donor Funds to provide water boreholes, community and small-town piped mechanized water systems for Low-Income Communities (LICs) in urban slums and rural areas of Ghana.

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Help us to have a country with an adequate and accessible supply of clean drinking water and sanitation for its rural and peri-urban human population.

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